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Kroma delivers search engine results. Search engine optimization is the process of getting your web site to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. To get noticed your business or organization must rank high for the words used by your market. If your customers see your competition rather than you when they search Google and Bing, this must be adressed. SEO is like phone book ads used to be for local business--essential. SEO is part of web marketing; We can optimize your current site, but a website can be built for good search engine optimization from the beginning and Kroma Web Design builds client websites with SEO clearly in mind. There are off-site web marketing considerations as well, such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Even traditional marketing like direct mail and billboards can still be quite effective. Our service will help you navigate your options and maximize your resources. Kroma delivers first-class SEO for a fraction of the usual cost.

A web conversion is when a website user completes a task the website is set up for. For example, if a user fills out and submits a form, buys an online product, or calls the phone number listed on the website; this is a conversion. Web conversion optimization is about geting your website’s visitors to do what your organization needs them to do once they are on your site. Your company has desired actions for your website’s visitors; more often than not, you’ll have several tiers of desired actions. Your number one tier might be to get a phone call from the people visiting your site, second might be an e-mail request, you might even have a third to get the user to sign up for a newsletter or visit your LinkedIn page. All of this activity has to be analyzed to see where improvements can be made and where opportunities are being lost. We create a conversion analysis system with clear metrics that matter to your goals.

Kroma will operate and study your web analytics, to identify places where you are losing visitors, pages that people aren’t visiting, and most importantly how many of your website’s visitors are converting, and how are they doing so. If you like, we can even determine which of these conversions are leading to closures—that is, which and how many are leading to sales or client acquisitions. Conversion optimization works hand in hand with online reputation managment (improving your online review profile), and search engine optimization (SEO). The combined effect of conversion optimization, reputation management, and SEO, has a profound effect on your ability to grow your business. These are now, and increasingly will be, the difference between those that will gain market share and those that will lose it. Let us help you create a winning online presence. Kroma Web Design: websites that convert.








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